Halt deforestation and increase forest area

Strengthening small-scale forest producers and their organisation may halt deforestation and increase forest area.

The conference “Halt deforestation and increase forest area” was held in Rome 20-22 February 2018

The conference was a joint initiative between FAO and the Collaborative Partnership of Forests.

  • Published: 22.03.2018
  • Published by: Ivar Legallais-Korsbakken
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  • WETPA honey project sign at Fred Munialo’s place; (photo: Aggrey Barasa)

    The conference theme was how to work across sectors in order to achieve the goal of halting deforestation and increasing the forests. Part if the solution was to strengthen small-scale producers and their organisation.

    During the conference one of the examples presented was how the Western Tree Planters Association in Kenya is promoting beekeeping as part of overcoming the challenges of promoting tree planting with small farmers. The main challenge is how to live during the 8-15 years while your planted trees are growing.

    Jar of WETPA honey (Photo: Maggie Young)

    WETPA has designed beehives and provides them at low cost to farmers. They provide as well technical advice and training, offers honey collection services, processes, packages and marketing the honey. WETPA does similar extension work with other agroforestry products like avocado that begins producing in 18 months.

    The small farmers are passionate about planting trees since they improve income specially to ensure kids’ education. In addition, the plantations give positive climate effects helping to fight climate change.

    WETPA is one of many positive examples of exceptional work being done by smallholder, community, indigenous and family forest holders

    The IFFA chair Peter deMarsh had made a report that summarize the Kenya examples and the importance of similar work by family forestry, community forestry and indigenous small-holder forest producers.

    In seeing to encourage this work and greater understanding and support IFFA stresses the importance of four basic preconditions in increasing sustainable management of forests.

    The four conditions are:

    • Secure tenure
    • Good access to markets
    • High quality extension services
    • Effective forest producer organisations


    Read Peter deMarsh's report

    Read the co-chairs summary from the FAO conference





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