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Tenure tensions in Indonesia

This eye-opening video highlights the tension between customary and modern land rights in Indonesia from the perspective of forest communities.

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Are You Also Fed Up?

New cartoon from Træ Er Miljø (The Danish Wood Initiative) about the worlds most effective and enviromentaly friendly raw material - wood.

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Nepal: Forever Green

Concerned with rampant forest destruction in Nepal, the Government handed over much of the national forest estate to local communities.

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Nepal: a future for people and forests

Climate change is being felt in the forests of Nepal. Erratic rainfall, melting glaciers, flash floods and landslides, droughts, forest fires and dried-up springs are leading to reduced crop production, loss of land, increased pests and disease and food scarcity.

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Voices of Forests - Sulawesi

These three videos from the Indonesian isle Sulawesi gives an introduction to historical use and abuse of the forests in the region and the challenges and possibillities with establishing new community forests.

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Thailand: The Exception to the Rule

After years of exploitation by loggers and companies, villagers of Prednai fought back to regain their land and to restore their valuable mangrove forest.

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